Tank Tap.

I was goin' to buy a new tap for the tank, but im havin' ago at refurbishin' an old 'un i picked up for a couple o' quid ..what a tight fecker.

Photo007-1 Photo009-2

The cleanin' begins. Lets boil this bitch in vinegar!!

..an hour or so later..

..another hour or so later..

..yet another hour or so later, and by this time the funkin' shed reeked of the shit, so i moved it out side!..

..and finally another, yes, another hour later! - 6 ..ish in total..

Its one more step to be runnin'!


as the sayin' goes 'Loud pipes save lives'..

You'll hear me then..

..I might not bother with the end can! Louder the better ey, EH!

Time to start the wiring then! do i have to..

..i might as well give it ago.

..On second thoughts, ill do the carb!

..I know what would look great!! a great big fuck off velocity stack!! Yeahh..
..shame it don't piggin' fit.
For now..

Long awaited update.

Well summers nearly here, or we already had it..
anyway, I've started to rebuild as it is ..not bothering with painting it, I just wanna ride!!

Heres how it looked a few days ago..
..a few hours later..

..the front end sags abit, 'cause theres no oil in the forks!
Oh, and ive changed the bars, others where tooo loow, too funkin' low.