Ze' Tank!

The CG tank is waay too big, massive actually!
I wanted somethin' with a lil' more style..
An eighties Yamaha DT 175 tank!


New bars!

Decided the ugly old ape hangers wasn't for me..

A nice pair of low wide black bars - Perfect!
The Death Trap Shed door is 28'' and the bars are 32''! ..hmm, time to widen the door then!

As i got shut of the switch gear, i needed some new levers! - what you reckon to em'.. eyy?

See, he's happy :)

Who needs a choke anyway..

Call o' nature
.. She still ran with 'this' in her tank.


Strange findin'!

Hang on a minuttee! WTF's this..

..A nice place to keep a spare spark plug.


Stripped of:
Seat - Mudguards
Filter - Ignition
Lights - Switch gear/levers
Helmet/steerin' lock
any other unnecessary jargon..

The day i brought her home.

I neglected the CG for the night..